A Magic Flame

You had your flashlight in your grip, lighting up the dark forest. It begins to flicker before everything goes black. You panic, realizing you're nearly blinded, but not before you notice a distant purple glow. You slowly approach it, before getting caught in a flame. A flame that you'd expect to burn you, except... You're okay! But you've been left with an oddly warm feeling in your throat before it grows hotter and hotter.

You run around as you try to understand what's happening, but you can't help but find yourself feeling floatier and floatier. You look below you, seeing that your body's significantly... less than what it was before, with your legs and feet receding into your shrinking torso, leaving only a spike behind.

You start feeling a weight put down on your head. You bring one of your arms, hanging down from the side of your body, up to your head to see what it is. It feels like a hat, but it's cold and metallic. You bring your arms up to push it off, but it doesn't move an inch.

Your skin begins to feel strange, cold and metallic, like your "hat." You look at your hands, as a charcoal-like coloring takes hold of them, and the joints in your arms crack and loosen up, letting your arms stretch and twist in unnatural ways, sending shivers down your spine.

Your watch in horror as your fingers merge together. It feels like your fingers are melting together like wax, fusing into one flat appendage.

The heat you've been feeling begins growing hotter and hotter. It begins to feel like an inferno is burning inside you. The heat mainly emanates from your face, making you feel as if you're blushing. From behind your skin, an eerie light glows, illuminating everything around you.

Your head begins to throb greatly. You clutch your head with your spindly arms as you feel the features flatten, melting away like wax. The skin begins to grow smooth and clear, like glass.

Your head rounds out, taking on a spherical shape, with your skull inflating and being lost in the glass-like texture of your head. The pressure is so intense, it feels like your head will burst at any moment.

The feeling slows, leaving you with nothing but panic and the warm feeling of the literal flame burning inside you.

You float over to a stream of water, the purple glow rippling in the reflection of the water. You look down, back at something that isn't you. It doesn't make sense! How could you just turn into a Lampent like that? It's all too real, you're a Lampent now. Maybe even forever...