Prisonee TFee

A man gets a strange fluid splattered all over his body, turning him into a bulbous oozing beast.

Some body horror! I kind of just opened my sketchbook, and next thing I knew it, it was 10 PM and it had this horrifying piece of art in it.

That Invader Zim episode gave me a bunch of TF moods that never truly went away. A good article I found written about it, which I will proceed to quote.

"Zim is sucked up by my very favorite thing in the episode, the Jail monster,, nothing but an eyeless, stumpy-legged bathysphere-like being, oozing with phlegm, with a retractable toothy hose where a head ought to be. I've drawn somewhere around 50,000 monsters in my lifetime and I still feel like this hits a level of perfection I've never achieved. I want this thing. I want to be this thing. I say that a lot, I know. I still always mean it."