TF Mood of The Day #3: Pangolins

Pangolins are nocturnal mammals. They're common in Asia and Africa. They range in size from 12 to 39 in.

This one was a pretty spontaneous pick. A friend had sent me a GIF with a pangolin in it and it became an instant TF mood.

I should start with their most defining feature, the large and overlapping plate-like scales on their back. Imagine scales forming out from your back, with a tough material similar to that of your nails, covering nearly the entirety of your back, spreading out to your arms and legs. You look like a pine cone, but it's not like theres any way around it. If it makes you feel better, just know your species is one of the only mammals to be like this!

Those scales seem to have spread all throughout your body, but it's not over yet! Pangolins have tails, and you'll find yourself with one too! Your spines are working it's way, stretching and growing out, cooperating with your scales to form your brand new tail. That'll stay with you for awhile, possibly even forever, so get used to it!

Additionally, take a look down at your hands, well soon to be front legs actually! See your claws? They're quite sharp, aren't they! A little lengthy though; Hopefully you shouldn't find difficulty in too many things, just don't rip holes through your clothes either- Actually, you shouldn't be wearing clothes in the first place; Thats a human thing, silly~

If you still consider yourself somewhat human after that, then I think you should try getting up onto your hind legs~ Pangolins are quadrupeds, so you might find that a little difficult, kekeke! Don't worry though, you might not be good at balancing on two legs that well, (I mean- No one of your species is!) but you might find it easy to curl up into a ball, like a giant roly-poly!

We cant forget about your snout, with your nose pushing out, guiding the rest of your head to stretch with it, leaving your eyes at the sides of your head, and because of that, heres the part you'll find real odd; You'll find that your tongue is slowly and steadily moving back into your body as it grows longer and longer, letting you stick out your tongue real far!

It might be a bit overwhelming, but being armored by thick scales sounds nice, so why not go for it? Mabye I'll let you keep it forever if you're really a fan of it~