TF Mood of The Day #2: Eelektross

Eelektross is an electric pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Gen V. It's the final form in the Tynamo line. They're probably one of my favorite Pokemon, next to Drifloon and Spinda.

They've been such a huge mood for so long now. There are a lot of aquatic creatures which do that for me, but eelektross especially.

And, oh to be long and noodly; Its such a shape, I love creatures like that. Humans got the short end of the stick with their legs being at the very bottom of their body! It really should've continued beyond that point, why not have the rest as a tail, trailing behind your body as you move around? Wouldn't it be so much nicer that way~?

Those wavy long arms are fun too, not having to adhere to the limits of joints is perfect, and why would you ever want thumbs? You're an eelektross, 3 claws is the perfect amount! (Note that nearly every non-human in Futurama has 3 fingers, so theres obviously a good reason for it, kekeke! ꉂ(ˆOô))

And, really, trying to close that mouth? Well, I cant stop you, but you might find yourself unable to. There isn't really way to close it; No muscles for it or anything! It looks great though, with your circular maw lined with 4 sharp fangs; I adore creatures with lamprey-like mouths.

Alas, having such a mouth taking up the whole front side of your face must cause complications. Luckily, your body has compensated for that by letting your eyes move to the sides of your head! They're such a nice shade of red, aren't they? And the yellow streaks on your skin surrounding them are even prettier!

I always imagined Eelektross to be slimy, I mean- Don't they just look like they'd be slimy? And probably even more so due to them being underwater creatures. Swimming around as an Eelek seems so fun doesn't it? Head first, flowing about, with your tail trailing behind you.

Although, if you prefer, you can live on land too. Waddling around on those stubby fins seems inconvinient, although its a funny sight! Have you seen the little dance they do in their Gen V sprite? It's adorable!

Don't you wanna be an Eelektross? I know I sure do, so why don't you leave your human form behind and become one? Let yourself grow slimy, let your mouth open wide, and perhaps have a swim?