The dream I had last night

So I had this dream, where it was April 1st. We were all locked out of our rooms for the next 24 hours, so I decided to go outside.

Everything was going fine, I was looking through some stores, I remember Peggy Hill being in one for some reason. That was kinda weird, but not as weird as what would happen later on.

Soon, there were these cold, metallic, coin-like objects that upon touching, they would transform you into something inhuman.

There were groups of anthro mantids that had been affected by it, and I was trying to figure out how it had happened.

I was walking around, and I stumbled across a barn, I dont remember much of it, but I remember some guys worshipping some sort of god trapped inside of a fence.

Later on, I had found a house with red carpetting in which I'd go and ask the owners about the coins. They explained it to me, but not before I was backstabbed. One of them used the coin on me behind my back, leaving me to fall into a chair as I slowly turned into a bed.

I tried getting help turning back into a human, but I felt off balance and couldn't handle it, before a bunch of tentacle-like organs burst out of me, throwing themselves back into the bed, moving my concious back to it, leaving me permanently stuck in that form.

Definitely one of my scarier dreams, but I wouldn't consider it a nightmare per-se. It was pretty sick, honestly.