About Me!

I'm Okato, an alien and webmaster. I made this site to freely express my thoughts and stories about transformation! Most of that you'll find over at it's respective page if you're interested.

I've been fascinated with transformation for as far back as I can remember, dating as far back as when I was in kindergarten. I'm not even sure what truly started it, it's quite a mystery! I was the kind of kid that was only interested in Ben 10 for the transformation aspect of it, and constantly watched the one episode of The Magic School Bus where they turned into animals.

It's funny to think about how much it's affected my life, a lot of my interests in video games and books have stemmed from transformation! With a topic so near and dear to me, I thought that I'd make a website all about it, especially considering there's not a lot of TF-related sites in the web revival from what I've found.

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